WATER ON THE ATOMIC LEVEL (the following information goes into scientific aspects)

As described in "My Life", the development of today's State of the art electromagnetic water treatment Aqua-4D occupied me for close to twenty years. Water and its properties on an atomic level play a key role for life, mineral transports and metabolism. Research on the interaction of the important elements and molecules for life on an atomic level have led me to quantum physics formulas, natural frequencies and their relations, which are all harmonic ratios, mathematically speaking.

Today there's lots of scientific evidence for this technological approach, from universities and other institutes. Electro-magnetic water technology based on these concepts is used worldwide on a broad scale (see more in "Background"), in agriculture the quality increase of yields and the reduction of fertilizers, phytosanitary products and water use are beneficial for producers and nature. Other applications like waste water treatment could pull benefit from this approach, research projects with universities have also here shown the interesting potential.



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The most obvious conclusion the table gives, is the accumulation of important elements in the basic note G, and in its quint, the D. In the G we find hydrogen, oxygen, copper, or sulfur, amongst others. Very important on the macro-cosmic level is the position of the frequency which influences the life of all living beings more than any other rhythm (frequency), the day cycle, the 24 hours, or how it's named here, the earth spin.

It is visible that hazardous elements are usually not placed in points with harmonic ratios, like phosphor, an important nutritive element, but dangerous in its pure form, so it is at disposal as Phosphate (P2O5), and in this form it fits in perfectly into the harmonic structure.

​Other examples of hazardous elements are mercury (Hg), Arsenic (As) or lead (Pb), all not placed in harmonic ratio points. Examples of elements, which need to degrade into other forms, and usually have the tendency to do so, are CO2 and NO3-. The table is not filled with too many of these hazardous elements, to be able to show the wonderful harmonic structure of the elements which are important for live and living beings. ​


The HARMONICS - ELEMENTS TABLE is based on two combined mathematical approaches:

A) On the one hand a quantum physics formula, based on De Broglie.
It combines the E= m x c2 from Einstein and E = h x f from Planck to calculate the frequency. That way the natural frequencies of the chemical elements are calculated, the basic rule is the higher the atomic weight, the higher the frequency. The H-Atom has a weight of 1.0080, the O-atom one of 15.9994, so the oxygen-atom is 16 (4th power of 2) times heavier than the hydrogen atom (precision >99%). So the O has a natural frequency 4 octaves above the H, but musically speaking it is the same note, the human ear will not "hear" this precision difference of less than 1 %.   I did the same for some of the most important molecules in nature, as H2O or CO2. The calculation of the planetary frequencies is obviously based on their well-known cycles. 

B) The second part of creating the table is based on music theories and mathematics.

The results are placed in a musical scale, which all are logarithmic scales. Before that, the natural frequencies were octaved (transposed), to have all elements in the same octave. The result is stunning, it gives a clear concentration of the elements in a harmonic structure, allowing us to see how the nature is structured on the electromagnetic frequencies level.


Following rules are part of the Harmonics – Elements Table ​

1. The table represents the natural harmonic vibrational structure of biologic life. This structure is formed by the sum of natural frequencies of important chemical element, ions and molecules. It corresponds to a high degree with the harmonic structure of the macro-cosmos.

2. When elements are on the same note, they have a high affinity, due to high resonance.

3. When two natural frequencies of the elements form a harmonic ratio, they have the tendency to form stable structures, due to high resonance.

4. When elements are beside this harmonic structure, they are mostly poisonous or in general negative for biologic life, and have a tendency to degrade. ​


To make the right conclusions, one needs to be aware of the fact, that biologic processes, like cell build up or crystallization, are strongly influenced by the electromagnetic ambiance. All elements and particles are charged, surfaces are charged, so how things connect to each other is much more dependent on electric charges and electromagnetic frequencies than on physical forms of things and particles.

The model of how things happen on a molecular or atomic level, needs to be extended, frequencies and their mathematical relations are a key. If two elements vibrate in a harmonic ratio (a ratio of integers, in basic ratios like in the shown table), they will remain in a balance and show affinity. If this is not the case, they will tend to separate.

Logically, the electromagnetic ambiance influences PROBABILITIES, whether certain processes will happen.

Knowing, that we are facing a exponentially increasing electromagnetic pollution of the atmosphere (radio, cell phones, military signals, wireless transmission etc), where these emissions are not taking into account the harmonic structure of the natural electromagnetic radiation, we obviously are facing a strong influence on biologic processes. And no one knows, what the risks of this influence are. ​

On the other hand, being aware of these influences, and starting to consciously choose what frequencies shall be sent into the atmosphere, can reverse the negative trend. My personal hypothesis is that many things can be influenced by these randomly chosen frequencies.

​ ● the capacity of the soil to adsorb and stock water and its nutrient elements

 ● ​the crystallization of salts in water

 ● the capacitive differences of various surfaces, for example of water and air, also on a drop level

 ● the formation of clouds and their volume before precipitation can happen

 ● the rainfall frequencies

 ● increase of damages through water and precipitation not being adsorbed by the soil

 ● the capability of living beings to proliferate, specifically mammals and human beings

 ● the probability of having cancer

 ● the probability to dehydrate

 ● the communication system of living beings, living in the air, in the water, possibly bees, whales, dolphins and others

 ● and many, many other processes ​


A) What can be directly observed in the Harmonics – Elements Table is the relation of the elements that can be used for implants, for teeth for example:

The carbon (main element in bones), and the elements gold (Au), platinum (Pt) and titanium (Ti) are the exact same note! ​ ​

B) Beside the harmonics being produced through frequencies, a look at the combination notes can also help in analyzing biologic processes. Combination Notes (or frequencies) always appear whith two or more frequencies, it is the simple subtraction of the two frequencies (F1 – F2 = F comb). I found one example very interesting, the relation of the elements Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium, key elements in our blood, together with water and oxygen. ​

 ● The combination note of Ca2+ and Mg2+ is O (deviation 0.14 %)

 ● The combination note of K+ and Na+ is H2O (deviation 0.27 %)

 ● The combination note of Ca2+ and Na+ is OH- (deviation 0.005 %)

 ● The combination note of Mg2+ and Na+ is H (deviation 0.01 %)

 ● The combination note of K+ and Ca2+ is H (deviation 0.009 %) ​ ​

I've never been active in the field of medicine, and not at all an expert, but I find these relations highly interesting ​. ​


Since 2004 the research departments of many universities, engineering schools and official agricultural research centers worldwide work together with Aqua-4D Water Solutions (originally named Planet Horizons Technologies, the company I founded with 2 partners in 2004 and led it beginning of 2013) in the field of water treatment. They confirmed and analyzed the effects that can be obtained with the approach using the Harmonics – Elements Table. ​

Aqua-4D Water solutions is today the technology leader in the field of electromagnetic water treatment, and what is realized day by day in the field can be learned from their ​website.

Most interesting for me are the possibilities to increase the water retention capacity of sandy soil in desert (arid) areas, allowing cultivating these areas even though they usually not only have a bad soil, but also have very poor water quality. This technology can make an important difference in food security for the world. ​

This is the reason why this technology is spreading fast in many countries all over the world. ​ ​ ​

Walter K. Thut, August 2013