Music has lots of space during certain periods, allowing the production of several projects!

​With THE BLUES MYSTERY  we compose songs between blues, rock, funk and soul, and perform concerts when we find time, in Switzerland, Germany and France. My function is multiple as bass player, composer and producer. In 2014 I realized a solo project called YOUR VIBRATIONS. The musical tuning in the project is based on the Harmonics-Elements Table, and is played with natural instruments and sounds. In 2017 and 2018 I've produced the third album for THE BLUES MYSTERY, including several video clips ,made by my daughter Isabella, an actor/director. Several of my children and my wife are active musicians as me. 

​Aqua-4D Water Treatment System for Irrigation in Agriculture, today with clients all around the world. ​ This company works with a water treatment technology based on the harmonics elements table. I've created the company with two younger partners in 2004, and built it up to a team of 9 people and over 20 distribution partners in eighteen countries. The operational management was handed over beginning of 2013, while remaining one of the main shareholders.

In July 2018 an agreement with my successor as president/CEO, Eric Valette, was made. Since October 2018 I am developing the US market in agriculture - irrigation, being based in California.

glaciers and the reduced snowlayers in this function. Support for several bachelor and master thesis went in parallel. Today I give once in a while speaches and presentations in the field of environment and water for congresses, workshops and other events, if I'm not too involved other projects.

From 2014 to 2016 I put a focus on the future Water Cycles in the Alps, helping to resolve the problems with visionary long term concepts.  I've worked at the University of Bern as scientific collaborator, in the Group for Hydrology and the Oeschger Center for Climate Research. The research project "" analyzed the possibilities  and  limits  of  multifunctional  water storage in the  Swiss Alps,  to eventualy  replace  the disappearing 

Since I was born in Banff, Canada, my mother Danish, my father Swiss, I've had the chance to experience various cultures, to work in artistic, natural and scientific environments, to create companies and events, and in parallel, as a main source of energy, to compose, produce and perform music in front of up to 20,000 people. So far I had the chance to live an enriching life, since 28 years with my wife Ursula, we've brought up 5 children together.

While I was working on musical projects all of my life, for 18 years I've sucessfully done research, development and industrialisalisation of a technology in water treatment, based on electromagnetic water treatment, a technology which was first opposed and finally largely supported by the scientific world. Developping the basics of the scientific approachs was a fascinating encounter. I've combined the formulas of quantum physics and music theories, creating a table you can compare with the Mendeleev's table, named HARMONICS - ELEMENTS TABLE. It shows that all the elements of vital importance, as well as the macro-cosmic world, are structured like a musical scale, mathematically speaking a logarithmic scale. 

Based on this detection, electromagnetic water conditioning devices were developped and finally distributed worldwide, allowing for example growing and harvesting plants in desert areas. Many other useful applications are imaginable, for the health as example, or even to support our climate. 

This video is a good example for the possibilities of the use of the HARMONICS - ELEMENTS TABLE in technologies: